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  • Asset/Aircraft Financing

Aircraft financing is one of the most important aspect in the aviation industry. Our lawyers are well versed in advisingon various types of aircraft financing/leasing transactions keeping in mind the national and international regulations applicable.


  • Aircraft Export/Import Control

We assist clients in obtaining all the requisite permissions from the Customs Department, Director General of Civil Aviation in India (DGCA), the regulator for air operations and the Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bank of India with regards to export/import of aircrafts, engines and other applicable compliances. We also represent clients in litigation before Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT)


  • Private Charter/General Aviation

India’s private charter aviation is governed by a web of different laws and regulations, which makes it complex. At Spaviatech Law, we have a dedicated team of lawyers to advise our clients from the private charter/general aviation industry.

  • Aviation Consumer Litigation/Enforcement of Passenger Rights, defense of air operators

Consumer litigation in aviation involves litigation before consumer courts involving claims arising out of baggage loss, injury during flight, denied boarding etc. We help our clients make appropriate representations in consumer claim matters, defend and mitigate exposures and where applicable and permissible negotiate settlements. Our team of lawyers has international learnings and exposure in similar international regulations of enforcement of passenger rights, hence is able to grasp the nuances in a passenger claim.


  • Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems

Usage of Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems have been the most impactful development in the aviation industry this decade. Automation often raises peculiar legal complications that require expert redressal. Our lawyers have the academic learnings coupled with industry experience to assist our clients in navigating through the regulatory landscape.


  • Space Technology

The opening up of the space sector for the private industry by the Indian government presents a great opportunity. With the advent of allowing private enterprise activities in the space, legal issues, including but not limited to government contracts/tender are seen. Our team consists of lawyers having advanced legal masters in Space Laws.


  • Regulatory Services

We, at Spaviatech Law provide comprehensive services covering DGCA approvals including registration of aircraft, amendment of certificate of registration, NOCs etc. We also provide services related to seeking regulatory approval applicable to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems and other approvals applicable to the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

Outer Space


Asset/Aircraft Financing, Aircraft Export/Import Control, Aviation Consumer Litigation/Enforcement of Passenger Rights, defense of air operators, Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, Space Technology, Regulatory Services

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