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  • Food Technology, E Commerce Enterprises - We advise clients in setting up  food tech platform, start-up compliance, FSSAI Regulations, Funding, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Consumer Litigation and claims. 

  • Financial Technology (FinTech) – Fintech has contributed to the digitalisation of access of financial facilities. Our team loves to solve the challenges related to Mobile Wallet business, InsurTech, Digital payment gateways and others.

  • Cloud Services, SaaS, PaaS -  With cloud becoming the medium and Software as a Service and Platform as a service becoming affordable means of application and platform consumption, we love to explore and advise on  aspects of a liability, privacy, coverage, jurisdictions and others.

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence. The immense possibilities in this space keep us excited. We provide legal expertise to our clients who operate virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications in diverse industries.

  • E-sports, gaming and  digital entertainment. We offer our services to various digital entertainment, OTT channels, E-sports and gaming companies in framing their privacy policies, compliant marketing activities, trademarks and copyrights and intellectual property licensing arrangements.

  • Health and Pharmaceutical Technology and Ecommerce - Legal issues commencing and operating in health and pharma platforms. Patient Privacy, Liability Limitation.

  • Education Technology – Edutech is the current favourite of investors. We are excited to contribute to the democratic distribution of education via the edutech platforms. In our Technology practice, one of the key vertical is  Edutech. We advise Edutech  start- ups to establish and operate compliant business, our assistance involves investment advice, roll out, operational support, policy making, compliance and oversight. We also advise mature Edutech enterprises is complex legal challenges they face in the course of their operations.

  • Ecommerce and Digital Economy - Our Ecommerce and Digital Economy practice is fully equipped to negotiate and formalise engagements with platforms for Ecommerce, manage disputes and consumer claims.

  • Technology Services Outsourcing and offshoring –  We advise, draft and negotiate large  national and international technology services transactions which an enterprise outsources to a Technology Services provider in off shore or near shore models.

  • Global Development Centres, Captive establishments – Our Co- Managing Partner has been the General Counsel in several Fortune 500 companies and helped them in setting up India Global Development Centers. Her deep expertise is valuably relied wnen we advise enterprises in setting up Global Development Center locations with required approvals, operational and ongoing compliance, labour laws compliance.

  • Data Privacy and Data Protection - We have a robust privacy practice which has advised Fortune 500 companies in designing and managing their Privacy Compliance programs.  Our team is fully aware of global Privacy Laws including but not limited to GDPR, , privacy laws applicable in India, both sectoral& general and other international jurisdictional Privacy regulations in the United States, Singapore, Australia and others.

  • Social Media and Digital Platforms – We have a comprehensive Social Media advisory service wherein we advise on the regulations applicable, the potential offenses and fines, help clients address breaches and educate their staff and third party vendors about compliance.

  • Cybersecurity and Cybercrime – The most potent threat to any organisation today is cybersecurity and cyberattacks. Our cybersecurity practice advises clients on preventive measures and in addressing the impact of events. We also address CERT reporting for clients and the mandatory regulatory reportings applicable to our clients in India and in international jurisdictions.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Resources applicable  to all sectors. 

  • Policy Making and Policy Implementation – Sound policy making is the back bone of compliance in any organisation, our Policy Team consists of mature lawyers with over 20 years of experience in Policy making, implementation, measurement of efficacy and Policy improvisations. Our team is committed to enabling sound policy making and implementation of the same for our clients, so that clients can focus on business growth.   


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Food Technology, Financial Technology (FinTech), Cloud services, SaaS, PaaS, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, E-sports, gaming and  digital entertainment, Health and Pharmaceutical Technology, Education Technology & More..

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